Who We Are

GALAXY PROTON DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS, LLC is an organized LLC of highly experienced and proven real estate developers, builders, architects, financiers and cancer specialists. As part of the AHG GROUP OF COMPANIES, over the past 50 years, we have developed successful real estate projects throughout the United States worth several billion dollars. In addition, we are active as financiers to state and municipal governments and have expansive depth in medical devices and pharma, acting as venture capitalists for dozens of potentially generational ground breaking medical discoveries in the medical and health spaces. The AHG GROUP OF COMPANIES, based in Orlando, Florida, has satellite offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Juan, Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia), London and Tel Aviv.

What We Do

We will provide your organization with a complete “turnkey” development of a Proton Therapy Center designed specifically to meet your clinical needs and local market requirements. We will develop and lease back to you a complete facility ready for your radiation therapy medical team and your patients, using your own organization’s branding and signage.

How Do We Do This?

Using our own financial strength and financing methods, we develop and provide a long-term net lease WITHOUT PERSONAL LIABILITY. We are real estate-oriented and have great experience in the process. We provide a BELOW-MARKET long-term solution to your organization while providing our development partners with a fair return based partially on tax savings.

What Proton Equipment Must Be Used?

Totally your choice! Although we can assist you in choosing the best equipment options for your own facility, we are happy to provide MEVION, VARIAN, IBA or HITACHI. The choice is yours! We want you to choose the equipment manufacturer that best meets your patients’ clinical needs and your economic expectations.

What is the term of lease?

Typically 25 years with options to renew tailored to your needs.

What development services do we provide?

• We assist with developing a financial feasibility study • We assist with site selection. If you don’t already own the real estate, we can acquire a suitable site for you. Our real estate team will handle any necessary zoning, required utilities, off-site improvements and include plans for future expansion. • We provide all architectural and design services, including interior and FF&E design and procurement. All included in the “turnkey” lease! The building will be custom designed to answer your specific operational needs and architecture, complete with your branding, colors and signage. • We provide construction on a bonded “turnkey” basis with a guaranteed on time delivery! This is extremely important to you and your organization.

• We are NOT your medical practice partner. Your P&L “bottom line” performance is YOUR business, NOT OURS!

Available Operation Assistance

If requested, we can assist your organization in the following:

• Provide billing, collections, accounting and HR resources to assist you in getting your facility open, organized and “up to speed” with the least possible interruption to your existing practice. • Staffing assistance with competent cancer proton therapy expertise. GALAXY PROTON knows many of the capable and experienced professionals in this field presently working throughout the United States and abroad. We will be pleased to make necessary introductions to some of these highly trained and experienced proton experts. • Provide assistance with startup marketing, community PR and outreach programs. • Help your organization perform a market analysis of potential patients in your geographical area.

• Recommend several proton-experienced legal firms for your organization as a “back stop” to your own present advisors. • Help in structuring your operating organization to be certain of Stark compliance.

How Do We Start the Process?

GALAXY PROTON DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS, LLC makes it very easy and without any obligation! Contact us – arrange for an initial meeting at your chosen location. We will set up a pre- development schedule of “fact finding” to assist you in evaluating your plans for a Proton Therapy Center and provide you with preliminary thoughts and ideas for your consideration. With your assistance, our experienced “due diligence” team of real estate, architectural and proton experts will prepare a step by step plan and economic feasibilities for your review and further study.

Contact us right now so we can schedule time and staffing to assist you in making your facility a reality in the shortest timeframe possible!